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About Rose Quartz

When asking for recommendations for a love crystal, one of the most commonly mentioned names from sellers and collectors would be the Rose Quartz crystal. This name might sound familiar to you- you hear it in Jewellery, you see it used as names in fashion/makeup and even seen as a character in the popular intergalactic cartoon Steven Universe. So what makes this crystal so popular and why is it so well loved across the world? Let's find out!

Chakra- Heart

Zodiac Sign- Taurus, Libra

Planet- Venus

Colour- Pale Pink

About- Known as the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is one of the most important crystals for healing the heart and working with the heart chakra. Back in Ancient Roman, Egyptian and Greek civilizations, Quartz crystals were used as talismans. The Romans used Rose Quartz as a seal to signify ownership, and the Egyptians believed that the stone could prevent ageing and maintain their complexion and beauty. Rose Quartz can be found in Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, USA, Japan, India and Germany.

Beneficial for- Self-Love, Compassion, Patience, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Trauma and Grief, Opening one's Heart, Calming, Soothing, Strengthen Empathy and Sensitivity, Harmony, Emotional Balance.

Before working with Rose Quartz, one of the most effective ways to cleanse and charge them is under the moonlight of the full moon. As the crystal is prone to fading it's colour under strong sunlight, it is not recommended to house them near windows or spaces with high exposure to the sun. Rose Quartz can be placed at your bedside to draw love towards you and to support an existing relationship, restoring trust and harmony with you and your partner.

Rose Quartz can also be worn as jewellery for healing, and they work best when it is near the heart (on a necklace) to align it closely to the heart chakra. It can also be used in a crystal bag and carried alongside daily when leaving home, for it can bring one better understanding and compassion to others. Holding the crystal enhances positive affirmations, reminding you of your healing intentions.

I highly recommend Rose Quartz as one of your starter crystals if you are new into crystal healing as it is a soothing crystal to work with not only for yourself, but with the ones you love and care for!

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