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Out with the Old, and In with the New!

We're finally back and ready to get our creative gears back to work again! We will be sharing what's new in this re-opening (I call this v2.0 of our webstore update)

This is going to be a long post, so grab your favourite tea and lay back while we blabber alllll about this re-opening.

Firstly, yes this! We have decided to add in blog posts for our website and we plan to update weekly with useful information about various crystals on their origin, properties, etc. There are many different blogs out there talking about crystals, and we will share our views and give credible information to the best of our ability (p.s. we are still learning, and always will be!). If you haven't realized, most of our jewellery collection has a theme and are specially designed/named with a certain meaning behind them, and we want to share what goes behind the creative process of the collection here as well! Not sure who will read them, but if you do- Thank you for caring about what effort goes into every piece we create.

Secondly, the website has narrowed down various categories for easier navigation. Sometimes lesser is better, and we know how some of you prefer to go straight to the point and shop what's available. We have catered an 'Available' section for both our Jewellery and Crystals. We will also narrow down to showing only up to 3 latest collections on our homepage- if you somehow want to view every collection and category EVER, just click on 'View Collections’ and you may view our individual collections there.

Lastly, we have removed some of our older designs/obsolete designs to give way for new ones! Most of our collections have very often limited pieces per design, only certain designs with higher demand will be restocked, such as our Chakra Hoops and D'Luna Twist (my personal favourites as well)!

I hope that with this improved update, your shopping experience will be a breeze and you will also get to know more about the items you are purchasing from us.

With that, thank you for sticking around with us for the long awaited re-opening and sending everyone positive vibes during this hard times and happy shopping with us!

xx, Caroline

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