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Know Your Crystals

Lovingly gifted by Mother Nature, there are hundreds of different crystals and minerals out there. Up till now we are still discovering hidden gems- literally! Let's take a look at the generic properties of the crystals available- some of which we have available in our store, and mostly just loved by many across the globe.
(We are not healers nor are we practitioners, but we hold the same interest as you in Crystals! All information listed here are sourced from legitimate sources and are summarized down for better understanding. Do note that Crystals are a spiritual tool and are used to enhance various properties, but not directly aid medical conditions.)

Crystal Metaphorical Properties

(Legends: *High Vibrational Crystal, ^Man-made/Treated, 'Combination Crystal)


Agate- Grounding, Stability, Harmony

Amber- Grounding, Positivity, Protection

Amazonite- Calming, Emotional Balance, Boosts Courage

Amethyst- Healing, Serenity, Helps Stress and Insomnia

Ametrine' (Combination of Amethyst and Citrine)- Protection, Transformation, Exploration

Ammolite- Harmony, Clarity, Abundance

Angel Aura Quartz^ (Platinum bonded)- Communication, Self-Expression, Powerful Healing

Angelite- Compassion, Protection, Calming

Apatite- Creativity, Calming, Communication

Apophyllite- Truthfulness, Calming, Releases Stress

Aquamarine- Courage, Calming, Clarity

Argonite- Stability, Calming, Uplifts Emotions

Aura Rose Quartz^ (Platinum bonded)- Love, Patience, Compassion

Aventurine- Luck, Stability, Emotional Recovery

Azurite- Fearless, Balance, Mental Healing


Bloodstone- Grounding, Protection, Compassion

Blue Lace Agate- Calming, Concentration, Confidence

Blue Tiger's Eye- Stress Relieving, Calming, Fights Phobias

Blue Quartz*- Self-Confidence, Concentration, Harmony

Blue Sandstone^- Wisdom, Courage, Motivation

Botswana Agate- Self-Confidence, Concentration, Harmony

Bronzite- Protection, Grounding, Restores Composure


Calcite- Purity, Clarity, Calming

Carnelian- Vitality, Calming, Abundance

Cavansite- Optimism, Encouraging, Protection

Celestite*- Conflict Resolution, Trust, Calming

Chalcedony- Protection, Encourage Learning, Optimistic

Charoite- Grounding, Decisive, Overcome Fears

Chrysocolla- Communication, Truthful, Stability

Chrysoprase- Truthfulness, Optimism, Overcome Compulsive Thoughts

Citrine- Motivation, Protection, Commitment

Clear Quartz*- Harmony, Balance, Powerful Healing

Crazy Lace Agate- Positivity, Calming, Confidence


Danburite*- Powerful Healer, Serenity, Spiritual Transition

Dendritic Agate- Stability, Perseverance, Abundance

Desert Rose' (Combination of Selenite and Barite)- Compassion, Love, Controls Emotional Outbreaks

Dumortierite- Stability, Positivity, Helps with Trauma


Emerald- Protection, Unconditional Love, Promotes Friendship


Fire Agate- Grounding, Protection, Sexual Heightening

Flower Agate- Self-Confidence, Concentration, Harmony

Fluorite- Balance, Concentration, Confidence


Garnet- Energizing, Protection, Sexual Heightening

Golden Healer*- Emotional Conditioning,

Gold Sandstone^- Grounding, Balance, Creativity

Golden Rutilated Quartz*- Protection, Anti-depressant, Wealth

Grey Agate- Self-Confidence, Concentration, Harmony


Hematite- Harmony, Grounding, Balance

Hemimorphite- Self-Development, Protection, Responsibility

Howlite- Truthfulness, Patience, Calming


Iolite- Fights Addiction, Clarity, Aura Alignment


Jade- Protection, Serenity, Stability

Jasper- Relieves Stress, Balance, Encourages Honesty


Kambaba Jasper- Fertility, Creativity, Endurance

Kunzite*- Compassion, Aura Protection, Self-Expression

Kyanite*- Truthfulness, Releases Frustration, Stability


Labradorite- Clarity, Strength, Patience

Lapis Lazuli- Clarity, Self-Awareness, Communication

Larimar*- Harmony, Healing Heart Trauma, Femininity

Lemurian Seed Quartz*- Soothing, Balance, Remove Blockages

Lepidolite- Stability, Independence, Calming


Mahogany Obsidian- Grounding, Protection, Strength

Malachite- Transformation, Protection, Positivity

Moldative*- Compassion, Communicating with Higher Self, Abundance

Moss Agate- Wealth, Aids Depression, Intuition

Mookaite- Health, Self-Esteem, Versatility

Moonstone- Fertility, Emotional Healing, Aids Insomnia


Nuummite- Restores Energy, Removes Difficulties, Teaches Respect


Ocean Jasper- Calming, Stability, Confidence

Obsidian- Calming, Protection, Positivity

Olive Nephrite- Protection, Stability, Purity

Onyx- Self Confidence, Decision Maker, Stability

Opal- Amplifies Thoughts, Passionate, Transformation

Opalite^- Strength, Fertility, Communication

Orange Calcite- Fertility, Energizing, Balance


Peridot- Protection, Powerful Cleanser, Abundance

Petrified Wood- Grounding, Stabilizing, Eases Worries

Pietersite- Truthfulness, Balance, Grounding

Picasso Jasper- Positivity, Calming, Confidence

Pyrite- Intuition, Positivity, Confidence


Que Sera*- All-Round Healing, Aids Stress, Grounding


Red Agate- Confidence, Concentration, Positivity

Red Tiger's Eye- Motivation, Protection, Energizing

Rhodonite- Compassion, Forgiveness, Balance

Rose Quartz- Love, Patience, Compassion

Ruby- Passion, Motivation, Abundance


Sapphire- Wisdom, Protection, Calming

Sardonyx- Protection, Strength, Promotes Integrity

Selenite*- Clarity, Stability, Protection

Septarian' (Combination of Calcite, Chalcedony and Argonite)- Self-Nurturing, Harmony, Communication

Shungite- Purifying, Boosts well-being, Grounding

Smokey Quartz- Grounding, Positivity, Protection

Snowflake Obsidian- Purity, Balance, Calming

Sodalite- Harmony, Truthfulness, Emotional Balance

Super 7* (Combination of Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrosite and Cacoxenite)- Purifies, Energizes and Balances all Chakras

Stilbite- Creativity, Grounding, Spiritual Guidance

Strawberry Quartz- Love, Joyful, Dream Recall

Sugilite- Unconditional Love, Encourage Forgiveness, Positivity

Sunstone- Vitality, Empowerment, Positivity


Tiger's Eye- Wealth, Protection, Commitment

Tiger Iron' (Combination of Tiger's Eye, Hematite and Red Jasper)- Vitality, Change, Creativity

Titanium Aura Pyrite^ (Titanium bonded)- Intuition, Positivity, Confidence

Topaz- Purifies Emotions, Releases Tension, Joyful

Tourmaline- Purifying, Protection, Balance

Tourmalinated Quartz*- Grounding, Harmony, Protection when Travelling

Tree Agate- Stability, Vitality, Protection

Turquoise- Protection, Abundance, Promotes Friendship


Unakite- Balance, Grounding, Clarity


Vanadinite- Grounding, Rational Thoughts, Define Goals


Watermelon Tourmaline' (Combination of Pink Tourmaline and Verdelite)- Compassion, Love, Patience


Zebra Jasper- Calming, Grounding, Stability

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